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Lemurian Chakra
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Reiki's Universal Life force energy is said to be the essential underlying energy common to all living things, creating everything from the densest objects of all matter to the highest levels of consiousness.. Reiki plays an important role within all living functions of all living beings. Combined with sound healing is a very powerful healing modality.  

Reiki may help and assist with all forms of illness, disease and disorder, it may be present as a
.  Physical
.  Emotional
.  Mental or spiritual manifestation   
.  You're feeling tired, unable to sleep
.  You're at a low point in your life
.  Your body does not feel as it should
.  You are experiencing an overwhelming sense of fear or some other emotions

.  You have anxiety, depression or stress related illnesses
.  You cannot get motivated because you are stuck, pessimistic, lacking confidence
.  You have issues within your personal and professional relationships
.  You  just need that extra energy boost in your life

What Can Reiki Be Used For?  
  • To provide relaxation and reduce stress
  • To ease emotional problems, grief, anxiety
  • To assist with more restful sleep                        
  • To assist with relief from headaches and other pain
  • To assist in recovery from illness, injury or surgery
  • As an excellent preventative health measures

During a Reiki Treatment, you remain fully clothed, on the therapy table, while a series of hand positions are used about 15 to 20 centimetres away from your body. It is paramount that you are as comfortable as possible during Reiki therapy. Prior to Reiki commencing, you are fully consulted regarding what to expect during therapy.  

At the Master Practioner Level, I am guided by your bodies Chakra energy, your body tells the practioner what you need out of Reiki.  Having practiced healing for over 26 years, I can  spot the blockages within your body during your breathing and meditation - your body tells me where to focus, then the healing begins.

Whilst on the table during Reiki, you may experience warmth, coolness or tingling and a sense of peace and wellbeing, such a deep relaxation is rejuvenating and where self-healing begins.

The body energy flows as one single unit, and must be treated as such for effective healing. During treatment, we look for signs, usually small vibrations or blockages and are always noticible during Reiki Therapy.   

Tapping into The Earths universal Energy.
Therapy involves the practitioner understanding what you would like to get out of this therapy session.  Depending on symptoms presented and patient needs, we then start off by relaxing the body into a lucid type of calmness and peace, we then bring in the flow of Reiki Energy through meditative breathing techniques,  during this stage we introduce healing sounds to maximise therapy.  Reiki and Sound combined as a modality is recommended and maximises healing for you.  Each session lasts for a minimum of an hour, sometimes more.  This is why we only schedule three Reiki sessions per day.

Reiki  Energy and Sound Energy combined is a powerful healing force.
Reiki is a non hand on patient healing process, to enjoy full benefit, a minimum of three therapy sessions is required.  Most creatures including humans do not perceive sound just through their ears, but through their whole bodily structure including their skin, bones and cellular structure. This is what we use to tap into in your Therapy Sessions.

Everything in Nature is in constant start of Vibration and send out harmonics    
Our body has a whole number of rhythms, when we are in a state of stress causes our heart beat to increase up to 87 beats per minute. When we are deeply relaxed, in meditation, sleeping, or through Reiki Therapy this rate will fall to around 57 beats per minute.

Through my training and teaching Sound Harmonics in classrooms, and Masters Attunement, I fully understand how the flow of energy works within light and sound at a higher Universal level.   

Want to know more and how we can help you?
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"I have had a few reiki sessions with George and have experienced the most profound universal energy, colours, visions and messages I have ever experienced! I strongly recommend a session with George as such an effective way to help clear and heal your body on all levels.  It felt like I was vibrating with new life energy and felt clearer and happier. George is an amazing healer"

"I only recently have been introduced to the world of Reiki by George. I had heard a bit about it
over the past years, but I guess was always a little skeptical of how effective it was. I was very surprised of just how much I got out of the experience. Every body gets something different out of their own experience but mine was quite personal and powerful. The experience heightens your self awareness and I found it to be very grounding and had an incredible sense of calm both during and after the session. I believe that with regular visits it is possible for a very positive outcome either with physical ailments, or emotional healing. George is very good at what he does and explains everything very simply. I felt very comfortable with the whole experience and am looking forward to having another session very soon."
The Reiki Principles  
Today, I will feel love
Today, I will feel Joy
Today, I will count my many blessings
Today, I will earn my living honestly
Today, I will be kind to every living creature

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