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Please call 0439 072 724 or

Reiki Until December Prices For Reiki are
Visit us: $70, Depends on needs therapy may last up to 1.5 hours or longer if needed.
Visit you: $90. (Depends on travel time)
Last appointment times: Weekdays 7pm Weekends 5 pm (or please call)
We do not book more than three Reiki sessions daily.

"I have had a few reiki sessions with George and have experienced the most profound universal energy, colours, visions and messages I have ever experienced! I strongly recommend a session with George as such an effective way to help clear and heal your body on all levels.  It felt like I was vibrating with new life energy and felt clearer and happier. George is an amazing healer"

"I only recently have been introduced to the world of Reiki by George. I had heard a bit about it
over the past years, but I guess was always a little skeptical of how effective it was. I was very surprised of just how much I got out of the experience. Every body gets something different out of their own experience but mine was quite personal and powerful. The experience heightens your self awareness and I found it to be very grounding and had an incredible sense of calm both during and after the session. I believe that with regular visits it is possible for a very positive outcome either with physical ailments, or emotional healing. George is very good at what he does and explains everything very simply. I felt very comfortable with the whole experience and am looking forward to having another session very soon."

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